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assignment Admirals Get Off Schneid, Finally!

In game 2 of this birthday boy's Monday night doubleheader, the Admirals finally notched their 1st win of the season, showing they too could flash some leather when their opponent keeps the ball in the yard.

Possibly inspired by their previous single digit loss, the Admirals held Dead Last to a singleton in the 1st and responded by plating the 7-run max inning to give them a 6 run lead.

As all of you Admirals' followers know, seeing an Admirals lead in 2021, let alone one this big, is like seeing a unicorn, or a quiet Mike! It's also like not hearing someone tell Mike he's on deck!

Anyway, I digress. With 6 innings still left to play, and Jess hollering "Enjoy it while you can, now they're going to try!", it was way too early for any Admirals fan to blow their loads.

Sure enough, just as CSP prognosticator Jess predicted, Dead Last woke up, plating 9 runs over the next three innings compared to the Admirals 3 to knot the score at 10s after 4 innings of play.

In the top of the 5th, which some called the birthday boy inning, Dead Last was retired in order on 3 outs to left field.

In the home half, the Admirals scratched in a couple to take a slim 12-10 lead, but Dead Last got those runs right back in the top of the 6th to tie the game again.

In bottom half of the 6th, the Admirals loaded the bases with no outs, but this time they would capitalize, cashing in 5 runs before the 3rd out was recorded.

Up 17-12 going into the 7th and final open inning, there was a air of excitement as the guys in black in blue took the field as they could almost taste their first dub of the season. A few Admirals would later admit there was also an air of "ah man, will this be the inning where we witness another Dead Last parade?"

Fortunately, it wasn't, as Dead Last were sat down in order on 2 fly balls to right, followed by the last to right-center.

Having notched their 1st win of the year, the Admirals confidence was abundant during post-game bevies as talks of entering provincials began. 🤣

Hearing news of their first season win, the Admirals' favourite opponent even catered an impromptu BBQ for the momentous event!

Even despite the disbanded Wives Club, you Dbacks are top notch! 👍


Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Final
Dead Last 1 4 0 5 0 2 0 12
Admirals 7 0 0 3 2 5 X 17

At The Plate
arrow_rightMorgan:🔥 5 for 5
arrow_rightSean:🔥 3 for 3 + BB
arrow_rightJeremy:3 for 4
arrow_rightBJ:3 for 4
arrow_rightJoey:3 for 4
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Posted on: Tuesday August 17th, 2021 at 12:09PM