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assignment Admirals Surrender After Hosting Combines BP

The Admirals flat sticks were no match playing host to an impressive display of Combines batting practice, dropping game 2 of their Wednesday night doubleheader.

All warmed from game 1, the Combines sent their entire 10-man lineup to the plate in the 1st inning, scoring their 1st seven batters to reach the max runs per inning.

In the bottom half, the Admirals, well those who noticed anyway, were licking their chops at the outfield gaps the Combines opened up by playing a 5-man infield, but sadly, they countered by going 3-up-3-down.

In the 2nd, things only got better for the Combines as they again plated the 7 max runs per inning to take a two touchdown lead. This time by sending only 8 batters to the plate.

In response, the Admirals scratched in 5 to cut their deficit to 9.

A meaningless 3rd inning saw the teams swap goose eggs.

In the 4th, the Combines BP resumed scoring another 7 max run inning, again from 8 plate appearances. In the home half, the Admirals again went 3-up-3-down.

After another 3 Combine runs in the 5th, murmurs of beer began in the Admirals dugout if they couldn't significantly cut into their 19 run deficit.

A one out JP double to the fence gave the team a glimmer of hope, but he was the only run the Admirals could score before the 3rd out was recorded.

As the umpire announced last inning, down 18, the Admirals waved the proverbial white flag and headed to the parking lot to lick their wounds over some post-game bevies.

Despite the disheartening losses, lots of laughs in the parking lot listening to Mitch's attempts to make friends in the WMSPL, and of course, thoughts of poor Ryan who had to drive him home. 😂

Editor's Note: If there are errors in player stats, please cut our scorekeeper's inexperienced son some slack! I tried to piece together what I could based on what was there and not there.


Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Final
Combines 7 7 0 7 3 X X 24
Admirals 0 5 0 0 1 X X 6

At The Plate
arrow_rightBJ:🔥 2 for 2
arrow_rightMike:🔥 2 for 2
arrow_rightChris:🔥 2 for 2
arrow_rightPaul:🔥 1 for 1
Team Fines
arrow_rightMorgan:  $5 for FK $5
arrow_rightMitch:  $5 for IEDP $5
The team sincerely thanks you for your contributions!🤑
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Posted on: Thursday July 15th, 2021 at 3:38PM