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assignment Admirals Get Walked Off by Dbacks in Game 2

In a close game throughout, the Admirals eventually got walked off in game 2 of their Men's B Division Finals Monday night doubleheader to even up the series at 1 apiece.

Looking to ride the high from their walk off win in game 1, the Admirals came out sticking, plating 5 runs highlighted by a Dazzling Dick grand slam.

In response, the Dbacks scored 2 to cut their deficit to 3.

In a meaningless 2nd inning, the teams swapped threes to keep the Admirals up 3.

After holding the Admirals to a singleton in the 3rd, some clutch hits that followed some Admirals generosity saw the Dbacks score 6 to take the lead for the first time in the game.

Needing a response, the Admirals countered by plating the max 7 runs per inning in the 4th to go up by 5.

The lead that was short lived however, as the Dbacks countered with the same in the home half to retake a 2-run lead.

The Dbacks won the 5th inning 2-1 to build their lead to 3.

In the 6th, an Admirals hit parade finally showed up as they scored the max 7 runs per inning to go up by 4.

In the bottom half, after a COVID rule call at third base that would've otherwise allowed the Admirals to escape the inning unscathed, some clutch Dbacks hits followed that saw them score 4 to tie the score at 24s.

Indeed, COVID rules state no tagging, but don't recall there being anything in there stating a runner can break his base path. 🤔

But I digress...

Perhaps still rattled by the controversial call, the Admirals could only muster one run in the top of the final 7th and open inning and took the field holding the slimmest of leads.

Well before anyone could say: "Ryan's a dick!", the Dbacks had tied the score, had sacks juiced with the go ahead run at 3rd and no outs.

After a wise call by Playoff Mitch to bring in Bob to play a 5 man infield, the Admirals recorded the first out off a hard hit line drive to 2nd.

The decision was made to stick with the defensive adjustment against a savvy Migel Dback batter, who unfortunately for the guys in black and blue, came through by hitting a line drive to the right center gap to cash the winning run.

Final: 25-26

Final and deciding game 3 is set for Wednesday. If tonight's doubleheader is an indication of what's to come, better get yo popcorn ready!

• Mitch: 4 for 4
• Sean: 3 for 3 + BB
• BJ: 3 for 4
• Duran: 3 for 4
• Jeff: 3 for 4

• Dick (a.k.a. Ryan): 1 (grand slam)

• Mitch: 1

• Mitch: 2
• BJ: 1

• Dick (a.k.a. Ryan): 4
• BJ: 3
• Bob: 3
• Mitch: 3

Team Fines

Waived for playoffs


Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Final
Admirals 5 3 1 7 1 7 1 25
Diamondbacks 2 3 6 7 2 4 2 26
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Posted on: Tuesday September 15th, 2020 at 6:46PM