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assignment Admirals Walk Off Dbacks in Game 1

The Admirals chipped their way back from a 12-run deficit to walk off the Dbacks in game 1 of their Men's B Division Finals Monday night doubleheader.

Based on the text exchange (pictured on right) between the Admirals' leading slugger and the Admirals' skip that occurred 3 hours before game time, and later finding out there was talk of both Admirals' pitchers signing out just before game time due to some cockamamie emergencies, it's clear the 2nd foursome of Saturday's Admirals golf outing was doing some evil scheming to mess with the Admirals skip's mental well being going into the B Division Finals.

Not nice! 😟

Perhaps looking to get back in Dunner's good books, Ryan showed up to the game sporting the following attire:

While it was certainly suiting, if that was indeed his intention, it didn't work! 🤪

But enough about that, for now...

With the Admirals as the home team, the guys in black and blue took the field and faced the same blistering hot Dbacks sticks from their last game as they watched 19 runs cross the plate over the 1st three innings.

Some are now speculating the "bulletin board material" Wives Club comment about McDreamy posted on the Dbacks website an hour before the game gave the Dbacks' sticks a motivational lift.

After plating 5 in the 1st, 2 in the 2nd, and getting blanked in the 3rd, the Admirals were down 19-7 after the end of the 3rd inning.

In the 4th, the Dbacks sticks FINALLY cooled as the Admirals escaped the inning with no further damage. Countering with 2 runs of their own, the Admirals chipped their deficit to 10.

The Admirals held the Dbacks to another tasty donut in the 5th, and got themselves within a football field goal after scoring the max 7 runs per inning, highlighted by a Grandiose Graham (his first of the year), a customary Duran inside-the-park home run (his 2nd of the game) and an Admirals-career-first triple by:

In the 6th, the teams swapped threes to keep the Dbacks up 3.

In the final 7th and open inning, the Admirals escaped the inning unscathed, catching Jamie trying to stretch a single into double on nicely turned 10-4-6 relay to record the final out.

Needing 4 runs to complete the comeback walk-off win, Duran led off with a single. Momentum stalled on the out by:

...and fielder's choice that followed.

Singles by Playoff Mitch and Chevy Avalanche Enthusiast Jeff that plated 1 followed, and up to bat next was Derek 4.5 with 2 outs and runners at the corners, looking to endear himself with any teammate that bet the over on his preseason attendance prop bet.

After his shot to left center ricocheted off the fielders glove about 40 feet, everyone in an Admirals jersey was hollering at him to take home. Everyone in attendance could see images of Duran running tattooed in Derek's thought bubbles as he chugged around the bases, beating the throw home to complete the walk-off comeback win.

Final: 23-22

Not much time to celebrate as the teams were given 3 minutes before taking the field for game 2.

• Mitch: 3 for 3 + BB
• Derek: 3 for 4
• Duran: 3 for 4
• Graham: 3 for 4

• Duran: 2
• Graham: 1
• Mitch: 1

• Graham: 2
• Dick (a.k.a. Ryan): 1

• Jomo: 2
• Bob: 1
• Derek: 1
• Jeff: 1

• Derek: 4
• Duran: 3
• Mike: 3
• Mitch: 3

Team Fines

Waived for playoffs


Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Final
Diamondbacks 6 6 7 0 0 3 0 22
Admirals 5 2 0 2 7 3 4 23
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Posted on: Tuesday September 15th, 2020 at 6:42PM