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assignment All Good Things Must Come to an End

The Admirals couldn't keep pace with a hot hitting Village Inn squad, as they dropped this 9:15PM Wednesday night game in convincing fashion to snap their 8 game win streak.

With the sign out sheet nearly filled in black for this game, the Admirals brass called on the services of Admirals OGs Graham and DC. With one OG confirmed (Graham) and the late news that Ryan and Aaron were now going to be able to make the game, the Admirals were feeling pretty good about their chances of extending their current win streak.

As any superstitious person will tell you: "You don't talk about the streak while the streak is happening."

Which is exactly what Admirals 3rd baseman poignantly pointed out during post-game bevies!

Yes, it's true, feeling great about our Tuesday night win, I mistakenly pointed out that we had won 8 straight.

The same way I did after we won 4 in a row.

And then again after 6 in a row.

Beatty is right! I feel shame! This one's on me fellas! 😔

Jokes aside, last night was yet another reminder that in slo-pitch, you don't win when you don't hit.

(In a Cliff Clavin voice) Uhhh, it's a little known fact that uhhh, the Village Inn are a savvy veteran team!

Could it be that the Village People know exactly where we hit already?

Or more likely, could it be that Dbacks skip, perhaps still sore from having lost 4 straight to us, shared the Admirals spray charts he's been tracking?

Who knows, but in a game that saw ZERO extra base hits by the guys in black and blue, it seemed like all solidly hit Admirals' balls were hit directly in the vicinity of guys wearing green jerseys.

Whereas the Village Inners, as they're accustomed to doing, kept placing their hits where Admirals were not.

In the end, a distasteful recipe that saw the Admirals' streak come to an end in a 23-9 loss.

...if we can call them that! 🤣

• Alberto: 3 for 3
• Ryan: 3 for 3
• Andrew: 2 for 2
• Mark: 2 for 2




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Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Final
Village Inn 2 8 7 4 2 X X 23
Admirals 2 5 0 0 2 X X 9
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Posted on: Thursday August 15th, 2019 at 11:40AM