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assignment Admirals Pull Off Epic Comeback

NSP Vice-President unknowingly helped Mitch hit for the cycle as the Admirals scored 21 runs over the final two innings to pull off an epic comeback walk-off win in another instant classic slugfest against the Dbacks.

Either Dbacks team rep Jamie Arsenault gave his team a killer motivational speech before this game, or the Dbacks Wives Club were in the stands because the Diamondbacks sticks were HOT HOT HOT right out the gates, plating 8, 9 and 10 runs over the first 3 innings respectively.

Down 27-4 going in the bottom of the 3rd, there were mumblings in the Admirals dugout about waving the proverbial white flag after the 4th inning if they couldn't substantially narrow their current 23 run deficit.

After the Admirals plated 4 to cut the deficit to under 20, the Dbacks respectfully starting going station-to-station in the top of the 4th, which allowed the Admirals to hold them to a tasty donut.

In the home half, the Admirals sticks finally started stringing some hits together and plated 9 runs highlighted by a 3-run Beasty Beatty to left center.

In the umpire-called-last-inning, the Admirals managed to escape only allowing one Dback run to cross the plate but still faced a daunting 11 run deficit.

Double, triple, single, single, double, walk, single, single, sac fly, single, single and with a runner at 3rd, the tying run at 2nd, up came Mitch, the go-ahead run, to the plate.

I don't remember or care what the count was, but Mitch launched a deep shot over the right fielder, and by the pace of his gait, everyone could see he had visions of scoring.

Anxious screams and cheers were heard from the children and Dbacks Wives Club in attendance until a thud and a huge cloud of dust emerged between 1st and 2nd base:

I didn't personally see what caused it but those who did described it like this:


Jokes aside, in all seriousness, the collision was completely accidental. And while the ump could've easily granted Mitch 3rd base, he was given 2nd base, and both runs were scored to knot the game at 28 a piece, still with one out.

Next up with the chance of pulling off the heroics, Ryan, who hit an uncharacteristic "nubber" out of the reach of the Dbacks short stop that allowed Mitch to reach 3rd.

Jomo, who was feeling like Duran this game, was quickly put in to pinch run for Ryan at first.

Next up with the chance of pulling off the heroics, Morgan, who facing a 1-2 count, hit a sharp grounder towards the short stop. You could hear the collective gasps in the Admirals dugout as they had seen many balls hit there in the past that yielded double plays. Surely due to Morgan's noticeably increased speed this year (he's got 3 triples this year that prove it), Morgan beat the throw at first to avoid the double play, which allowed Mitch to cross the plate, and the Admirals to pull off the 29-28 comeback win.

What a game!

Going over the score sheet in the parking lot during post-game bevies, it was only then that the team realized Jamie had unknowingly helped Mitch in:

After a few moments of team solitude, the teams eventually congregated for a few more post-game bevies and shared stories of the infamous Dbacks Wives Club. 🤣😂🤣😂

• Ryan: 5 for 5
• Mitch: 5 for 5
• Mike: 4 for 5
• Morgan: 4 for 5
• Antonio: 3 for 4
• Darrell: 3 for 4

• Mitch: 1
• Ryan: 1

• Mike: 1
• Mitch: 1

• Jomo: 2
• Antonio: 1
• Mike: 1
• Mitch: 1

• Antonio: 5
• Mitch: 5
• Ryan: 5
• Alberto: 3


Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Final
Diamondbacks 8 9 10 0 1 X X 28
Admirals 4 0 4 9 12 X X 29
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Posted on: Tuesday July 30th, 2019 at 5:45PM