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assignment Who Said Drugs Are Bad?

Tuesday evening's affair versus the A-Team was day 2 of the Sean Dunn NSPPED suspension. The early evening tilt was scheduled in the dreaded 6:30pm timeslot which resulted in the sign out sheet being filled to capacity. Fortunately Jamie from the Diamondback was gracious enough to step in to give us 10 players (on paper).

After the letdown in the previous Admirals game, the boys in black were eager to make up for that game on Tuesday.

Since Sean was banned from the diamonds, he left the coaching duties in the hands of Jomo. On the way to the diamond, interim coach Jomo receive a priority message on the "top secret" Admirals WhatsApp group chat that Mitch was stuck in traffic and would be late for the game.

At the field, Jomo opened the bag Sean had left him with all the required equipment for the game: lineup card, scoresheets, bats, ball and refreshments. There was also a black case that he had never seen before... curious as to what it was he opened it and found this:

Now this reporter has no idea what interim coach Jomo did with the contents of that black case as his view was obstructed but feel free to determine that for yourself based on the events of this game.

Down at the diamond, lineups were exchanged and it turned out the A-Team only had 9 players as well. Each team agreed to supply a catcher for each other, however the umpire overruled that decision and forced each team to play with 3 fielders instead. The Admirals felt okay knowing that Mitch was on his way to the diamond to give them 10 players.

The A-Team were on the sticks first and took advantage of the depleted Admirals outfield and sent 8 batters to the plate, cashing in four runs. The Admirals were undeterred going into the bottom of the first knowing that the A-Team only had 3 fielders as well. Savvy vet Antonio led off with a double, Jomo followed that up with a triple to score Antonio and Duran provided a sac fly to cash in the 2nd Admirals run. The Admirals sent 4 more batters to the plate in the first inning but were unable to score any additional runs. After 1 inning, the score was 4-2 for the A-Team.

In the 2nd inning, the Admirals D figured a few things out and retired the A-Team in order. In the home half of the 2nd, the Admirals led off with a couple singles and then Jomo was delayed coming up to bat as he was seen in his ball bad consuming some mysterious substance in a nondescript bottle simply labeled "S.D." He finally made his way to the batter's box and proceeded to cash in those two runners with a bomb over the left field fence. In total, the Admirals sent 10 to the plate and 4 runs scored resulting in an Admirals 6-4 lead after two innings.

The top of the 3rd was a carbon copy of the 2nd where the A-Team was retired in order and the Admirals were right back on the sticks. In the third, the Admirals sent 14 batters to the plate and scored the inning maximum 10 runs. During this inning, a number of Admirals batters got 2 plate appearances. In Jomo's first plate of the 3rd inning, he looked to be attempting to repeat his homerun feat from the previous inning but this time to the opposite field. His feeble attempt did not yield the desired results. Instead he (barely) hit the ball off the very end of the ball towards first base. Fortunately the ball spun 90 degrees sideways away from the first baseman and Jomo was able to make it to first safely with an infield single.

In his 2nd at bat of the inning, Jomo was eager to make up for his last at bat and some may say that in the back of his mind he knew he was a double away from hitting for the cycle. Jomo hit a opposite field liner towards the right fielder who made a great attempt at a shoestring catch but was unable to secure the ball and Jomo jogged into second base for a stand-up double.

Some people (Poutine) may say that it should have been a triple, some people (Poutine) may say that the right fielder should have made the catch, some people (Poutine) may say that Jomo was prioritizing individual stats over the team… The fact is Poutine never stops talking and Jomo hit for the cycle.

After 3 innings, the score was 16-4 Admirals.

In the A-Team's half of the 4th, they sent 5 batters to the plate and 2 runners scored. The Admirals responded by sending 8 batters to the plate and cashed in 4 runs to end the fourth inning up 20-6.

In the 5th inning, the A-Team sent 5 batters to the plate, but were unable to score any runs. The Admirals came back in the bottom half of the 5th and put up 2 more runs to make this a 22-6 game going into the sixth and final inning.

Now, most teams would feel extremely comfortable heading into the last inning of a slo-pitch game leading 22-6 and this Admirals team sure did… until the A-Team's plan came together

and they proceeded to send 14 batters to the plate and scored 11 runs in the top of the sixth that resulted in a more respectable final score of 22-17.

The depleted Admirals were happy to get the victory and placed a missing person report out on Mitch who did not show up.

The Admirals play next on Wednesday June 26 @ 7:45 & 9pm versus the Beers followed by Father Dodgers. Jomo may not be in the lineup for either of those games as the league has officially opened an investigation into the mysterious "S.D." bottle he kept hidden throughout the game.

Statistical highlights

• Andrew: 5 for 5, 2 runs scored (Batting 1000 over the last 2 games!!!)
• Mark: 3 for 3, 3 runs scored
• Duran: 4 for 4, 3 runs scored
• Jomo: 4 for 5, 3 runs scored, hit for the cycle

• Jomo: 1

• Jomo: 1
• Mike: 1

• Duran: 2
• Andrew: 1
• Jomo: 1

• Jomo: 6
• Mark: 4
• Duran: 4


Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Final
A-Team 4 0 0 2 11 0 0 17
Admirals 2 4 10 4 2 0 0 22