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assignment Admirals Defeat One Bad Inning With Two Good Innings
Thursday 9:00PM August 10th, 2017
In game two of this Thursday night double header the Admirals took on One Bad Inning, also for the first time ever.

Not knowing what to expect from the number of burly men in orange jerseys chucking the ball for pre-game warm ups, the Admirals thought they could be in for a barn burner.

Again the game started off well for the Admirals who held their opponent off the score board in the top of the first.

Not ready to jump ship just yet on their reshuffled batting order, the Admirals kept it the same for game 2 hoping for better results.

This time, Tim lead off with a sharply hit single to left field which quickly saw him skate from 1st to 3rd as the throw came in from the outfield.

Looking to cash, Antonio promptly lined a screamer to short which failed to score the runner on 3rd.


As Grambo's Agent will tell you, Grambo is all about situational hitting. With a runner on 3rd and less than two outs, the situation calls to cash that runner (and avoid paying $5 in team fines). And that's exactly what Grambo did, cashing Tim from 3rd on a sac fly to center field. Some (not Goodwin) would say it's the costly way of doing it (because it costs an out), but I digress...

Possibly looking to put the same fear in the hearts of NSP pitchers as he has with DCSA and WMSPL pitchers, Duran then accidentally smoked a line drive back at the pitcher who miraculously caught the ball in a heroic attempt to save his own life for the final out of the inning. According to Ryan, Durham Regional Police have already put out an ABP for Duran's arrest for his attempted murder on said pitcher.

In the 2nd, One Bad Inning managed to plate a run to tie up the score at 1 a-piece.

In the bottom half, Ryan, who has come close to putting it over the fence several times so far this year, finally popped his cherry to lead off the inning by hitting a rope that landed over the left field fence.

Four hits, 2 outs and 2 runs later, One Bad Inning elected to walk Antonio to load the bases to face Grambo.

Again, as Grambo's Agent will tell you, Grambo is all about situational hitting. After walking a batter intentionally to face him, the situation calls for crushing the ball. And again, that's exactly what Grambo did, crushing the first pitch over the right-center fielder's head. By the time the ball got back to the infield, Grambo had crossed the plate for an inside-the-park grand salami and Grambo's agent is now considering holding out for a more lucrative contract for the 2018 season.

Possibly looking to get signed by Grambo's agent, Duran followed suit, by hitting another inside-the-park home run. Considering how fast Duran got around the bases, some are now wondering if he touched all the bases in light of what happened in his next at bat. More on that shortly...

In the 3rd, One Bad Inning plated another run, and held the Admirals scoreless to cut the score to 9-2.

In the 4th, the Admirals D held for a tasty donut.

In the bottom half, an offensive explosion ensued which was highlighted by a 2 RBI double-turned-into-triple from Duran, who was eventually called out for missing first base by (at least) 2 feet.

Amidst the explosion, 3B coach Pousuna realizing Grambo was in the hole, decided to slow the Admirals attack to station-to-station ball for obvious fear of letting Grambo's triples lead from being extended to a point Pousuna couldn't catch.

Again, as Grambo's Agent will tell you, Grambo is all about situational hitting. With sacs juiced and a potential holdout for a more lucrative contract in 2018, the situation again calls for crushing the ball. And again, that's exactly what Grambo did, crushing yet another over the outfielder's heads. With everyone but Grambo in station-to-station mode, Pousuna had no choice but to send two runners home with the freight train called Grambo eyeing 3rd base.

With Pousana yelling at anyone and everyone to trip Grambo before he could reach 3rd base, Grambo eventually returned to 2nd to settle for the double. Quickly realizing Grambo also had the team lead in doubles, Pousana yelled for Grambo to go back to first because he also missed first base by 2 feet. Thankfully, Grambo didn't bite, as with situational hitting comes situational base running, and he knows full well he has to touch EVERY base EVERY time.

When the ump asked how many runs had scored, the Admirals thought they had plated the league-mandated-10-max-runs-per-inning due to the all the ink used to scratch out Duran's 2-RBI-all-for-not-at-bat, but after realizing all that ink was not a run, they had plated 9 to make the score 18-2. With their opponent already in their dugout, the Admirals just didn't have the heart to make them go back out there for another possible run.

In the ump-called final inning, the Admirals D held firm to make the final 18-2.

The Admirals are now 20-4-1 on the season and have just one game left before the NSP playoffs begin.

Statistical Shout-Outs

Jay "I Also Bring Snacks When I'm Water Boy" Whyte - 3 for 3, 2 runs scored

Grambo - 3 for 3, 2 2B, HR, Sac Fly, 7 RBI (!!!), 2 runs scored

Ryan "Best. 3B. EVER" Beatty - 2 for 3, HR (finally), RBI and 2 runs scored.

Team Fines:
Dunner: $5 (stranding a runner at 3B with less than 2 outs)
Antonio: $5 (stranding a runner at 3B with less than 2 outs)

The team fund sincerely thanks you for your contributions!


Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Final
One Bad Inning 0 1 1 0 0 X X 2
Admirals 1 8 0 9 X X X 18
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Posted on: Friday August 11th, 2017 at 5:33PM