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assignment Admirals Prevail Despite Allowing 9 Run Inning
Thursday 6:30PM June 1st, 2017
The Newcastle Admirals are no stranger to adversity.

Dealing with adversity means booking a fake meeting with a fake client in order to get to the ballpark so your team has enough players

Dealing with adversity means standing by your teammates (even when they end up with a horrible mug shot after being charged on suspicion of DUI at 3 am – more on that below)

The Admirals got a taste of adversity on Thursday night while battling the Pop Flies. Up 7-0 after two innings, the Admirals strode on to the field for the top of the third inning feeling confident, but not cocky.

4 walks, 28 hits and 9 runs later….the Admirals returned to their dugout down 9-7 and feeling like Tiger Woods after a few too many pain pills (more on Tiger below)….

Jay Goodwin rallied the troops with the greatest speech since Cmdr Mike “Viper” Metcalf in Top Gun. What exactly did Jay Goodwin say? Something about overcoming adversity, being a baseball team that had balls so big they couldn’t fit into any size of jock.

Well, friends, the Admirals have HUGE balls. Fantastic, tremendously HUGE balls. The Admirals responded with 8 runs in the bottom of the third to regain the lead. The Pop Flies managed 2 runs over the final three innings and the Admirals won 18 – 11.

I believe it was He-Man’s arch nemesis Skeletor that famously said “Sometimes, even when you win, you can lose a little bit and that sucks hard.” This was the case for the Admirals as Ryan “Best. 3rd Base. Ever." was injured while running the base paths. When a gold-glove third baseman and monster power hitter is injured that creates adversity. But, the Admirals rallied.

All the Admirals players gathered around the injured third baseman as he lay on the dugout floor while Mike Poutine Labrecque ever-so-gently massaged (some would say caressed) Beatty’s injured hamstring. This time it was Jay Whyte (not even at the game) that gave the team the motivational speech they needed. Jay used his phone to send encouraging emails and text messages to inspire the team. “Never Give Up” (trademark John Cena), “It’s Time To Play The Game” (trademark Triple H), WOOOOOOO (trademark Ric Flair)

Statistical Shout-Outs

Mike Poutine Labrecque put together one of the most awful 4-4 hitting performances in the history of slo-pitch.

Somehow, four ground balls hit almost directly at various infielders resulted in Poutine hitting 3 singles and a double (BTW, that’s exactly what he drank before the game – pre-partying with Tiger Woods – More on that next).

Jomo “Don’t Call Me Tiger Woods” Hanley went 2-4 with a triple.

If this guy wants to stop being called Tiger he needs to:

(a) stop falling asleep in his car in the parking lot
(b) stop popping back pain pills before every inning

Team Fines:
Antonio: $5 (FK)
Graham: $5 (stranding a runner at 3B with less than 2 outs)
Andrew: $15 (K, swinging...but exempted as a spare)

The team fund sincerely thanks you for your contributions!


Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Final
Pop Flies 0 0 9 1 0 1 x 11
Admirals 2 5 8 0 3 x x 18
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Posted on: Friday June 2nd, 2017 at 3:44PM