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chat_bubble Message From League Scheduler

All NSP Men's teams,

Next week hopefully will be the end of 1st schedule. Please make sure all scores are enter nightly.

They are calling for showers Monday and Tuesday Jul.16/17.

*Please NOTE any rain next week games will be scheduled on Wed and Thu Jul.18/19.

We do have 3 games Wed Jul.18 on SE but NE is open for 2 games (8:00PM and 9:15PM) and Thu. Jul 19 is open SE and NE 3 games on each.

I remind you that all teams are aware rainouts would be tacked on at end of schedule.

Also note 2nd schedule is scheduled start Mon Jul.23 with Division 2 games, Tue Jul.24 Division 1 games.
(This is baring any major delays with rainouts)

Please plan accordingly.

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Posted on: Thursday July 12th, 2018 at 9:32AM