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chat_bubble Admirals Make Falcons News Again
The Admirals have made the news of their "major-league-parent club" again today.

Appears now that the Falcons are playing better ball of late, posting a scintillating 4-4 record so far in August, they have mustered up enough balls to troll the Admirals and the NSP.

Trolling the NSP is one thing - Falcons really need to get in line though - but trolling Dunner, making fun of our exhibition game request, and defacing the Admirals logo is another!

Congratulations Falcons! Now you must deal with the consequences!

Your team web site just got a temporary new makeover:

Click above image for enlarged version...

Score: Admirals 1, Falcons 0
Tags: falcons, troll, consequences
Posted on: Friday August 25th, 2017 at 12:27PM