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Armed with only ASA approved bats and their unimposing ability to hit home runs on kids ball parks, a band of men have roamed the Slo-Pitch world in search of the biggest trophies, the finest booze, and the loosest ladies (and moms).

With their sights set on all the treasure that Clarington has to offer, this band of men formed a team called the Admirals and plotted a new course. They left the T-ball fields of the WMSPL and sailed east for the bountiful fields of the Clarington Slo-Pitch league, picking up some shipmates along the way.

With the dawn of the 2020 CSP season, the Admirals are eager to get back to the diamonds to play the sport they treasure most, even if governed by social distancing rules and guidelines.

The Admirals are guided by few principles, but do have a short list of core rules that govern the crew:

  • Ye shall be ridiculed for striking out, swinging or looking
  • Ye shall always run out a fly-ball
  • Ye shall walk the plank after stranding a runner at 3rd with less than 2 outs
  • Ye shall never make eye contact with another Admiral after hitting into a double play
  • Ye shall battle hard, but always mantain good sportsmanship
  • Ye shall splice the mainbrace after all battles
  • Ye shall never insult those in ugly uniforms; uniforms are meant to be fun
  • Ye shall encourage gambling, as gambling makes slo-pitch 1000% more fun

Come out and catch all the action the 2020 season has to offer!

Just be sure to wear protective face coverings?!? 😀

Admirals News

notification_important Champs: Hot Admirals Sticks Take Down Dbacks

With a gusty wind blowing to left field, an Admirals parade showed up in the deciding game 3 of the Men's B Division Finals as the guys in black and blue took down the Dbacks to be crowned the CSP 2020 Men's B Division champs.

With both the Dbacks and Admirals skips having a serious business-like demeanor about them, there wasn't much of the customary pre-game chatter between the teams. Seemed as if both teams were instructed to choose their words to avoid providing fuel for the other. On that note, Admirals' team brass were later reported as admitting that after the bulletin board material that seemed to have motivated the Dbacks' sticks in game 1 of this series, team jokester Mike was ordered to resist his urges and stay off the Dbacks website until after the game.

It was obviously clear to all in attendance, both teams were focused on the task at hand...winning!

After finding out the Dbacks had taken advantage of the game being pushed out an hour to do a full fielding and batting practice, and later watching them put up the max 7 runs per inning in the top of the 1st, there was a feeling of worry starting to settle in as the Admirals took their sticks in the home half of the inning.

That feeling quickly faded thankfully after the Admirals countered with 6 runs, capped by a 2-run Derek , his first of the year.

In the 2nd, the Dbacks were only able to plate 2 off a 2-run Chris . Something the Admirals have become too accustomed to seeing recently. Man, that guy hits bombs!

The Admirals were able to knot the score at 9s by scoring 3 in their home half of the inning.

After a lead off double by Dbacks James, followed by back-to-back s by Jamie and Pat, the Admirals were able to record outs on the next three batters to prevent further damage.

In response, the Admirals countered with 5 runs, highlighted by BJ and Derek (his 2nd of the game) s to take a 2 run lead.

In the 4th, the Dbacks scratched in 2 runs to tie the score at 14s.

Looking to bust the game open in the bottom half, the Admirals started with a lead off Duran triple, Ryan double, and a BJ (his 2nd of the game) to reset the bases.

A Playoff Mitch walk, Jeff single and Derek double followed, with Jomo up next and "7 at the plate" being announced. After Dbacks 3rd baseman Chris robbed Jomo of a sure extra base hit, Dunner joined in on the parade to cap the (max) 7 run inning.

In the 5th, the Admirals held the Dbacks to a singleton, and highlighted by Mike's first triple of the season, countered with 4 to build a double digit lead.

After holding the Dbacks to another singleton off a solo by Dbacks' sensational short stop Steve-O in the 6th, the Admirals kept their foot on the gas, and again scored the max 7 runs per inning, highlighted by s from Derek (his 3rd of the game) and team-leading hitter Ryan, whom everyone could tell desperately wanted to join the parade by hitting the Admirals' last available home run of the game.

In the final 7th and open inning, the Admirals took the field with a relatively comfortable 16-run lead.

After a lead off triple by Chris, who was scored on the sac-fly by Don, a no-doubter James followed, but that's all the Dbacks would score in the inning to make the final 32-18 Admirals.

After Len Healey presented his President's Award for Most "Viable" Player to Dbacks Sean Roder, the Admirals were handed the trophy they've been wanting to be pictured with since its introduction: the year AFTER the Admirals won their first championship.

CSP 2020 Men's B Division Champs

Hey so what if it's the B Division this time! This aging group knows full well they're in a different class than the top (younger) teams of the CSP Men's Division.

During post-game bevies in the parking lot, the teams eventually congregated where Mike just couldn't resist the urge to pose for a Dbacks motivational poster for 2021:

All jokes aside Dbacks, great series! Always fun playing you guys! 👍

• Duran: 5 for 5
• Derek: 4 for 4
• Sean: 4 for 4
• Mitch: 3 for 3 + BB
• Graham: 4 for 5
• Bob: 3 for 4 + BB
• Jeff: 3 for 4
• Mike: 3 for 4

• Derek: 3 🔥
• BJ: 2
• Ryan: 1
• Sean: 1

• Bob: 1
• Duran: 1
• Graham: 1
• Mitch: 1
• Mike: 1
• Sean: 1

• Duran: 4
• Graham: 2
• Bob: 1
• Derek: 1
• Jeff: 1
• Jomo: 1
• Ryan: 1

• Derek: 6
• Duran: 6
• Ryan: 5
• BJ: 3
• Graham: 3
• Sean: 3

Team Fines

Waived for playoffs


Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Final
Diamondbacks 7 2 3 2 1 1 2 18
Admirals 6 3 5 7 4 7 X 32
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Posted on: Thursday September 17th, 2020 at 12:49PM