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Wednesday, August 28th

Time: 6:30PM
Opponent: vs. Vickery Electric
at Combines
Diamond: Clarington Fields - SE
Clarington Fields - NE
Water Boy: Poutine

Armed with only ASA approved bats and their unimposing ability to hit home runs on kids ball parks, a band of men have roamed the Slo-Pitch world in search of the biggest trophies, the finest booze, and the loosest ladies (and moms).

With their sights set on all the treasure that Newcastle has to offer, this band of men formed a team called the Admirals and plotted a new course. They left the T-ball fields of the WMSPL and sailed east for the bountiful fields of the Newcastle Slo-Pitch league.

The Admirals fared admirably (ha!) in their inaugural 2017 season, defeating a formidable Combines squad for the A Division Championship.

But a disappointing early playoff exit in 2018 has the team eager to start the 2019 season!

The Admirals are guided by few principles, but do have a short list of core rules that govern the crew:

  • Ye shall be ridiculed for striking out, swinging or looking
  • Ye shall always run out a fly-ball
  • Ye shall walk the plank after stranding a runner at 3rd with less than 2 outs
  • Ye shall never make eye contact with another Admiral after hitting into a double play
  • Ye shall battle hard, but always mantain good sportsmanship
  • Ye shall splice the mainbrace after all battles
  • Ye shall never insult those in ugly uniforms; uniforms are meant to be fun
  • Ye shall encourage gambling, as gambling makes slo-pitch 1000% more fun

Come out and catch all the action the 2019 season has to offer!

Admirals News

assignment New Win Streak Ends At 1

Flat Admirals bats, and an eight run 3rd inning where several Dead Last hit balls disappeared in the dusky outfield sky snapped the Admirals current win streak at 1.

No dusky sky in the first inning, as the Admirals were able to clearly see the two MAMMOTH s launched by the Dead Last #4 and #6 hitters, which led to all of their 4 runs scored in the first.

In response, the Admirals could only put up a singleton.

After swapping a run in the 2nd, the Admirals took the field in the top of the 3rd with a dusky sky looming.

In what seemed like a very long inning, by the time the 3rd out was recorded, 3 of the 4 Admirals outfielders had a familiar pose on several balls that would normally be routine catches. Add to that some key Dead Last hits, and Dead Last had scored a snowman to build their lead to double-digits.

The Admirals flat sticks got flatter as they could only respond with a goose egg.

In the 4th, the Admirals escaped the inning only allowing two, but could only get one of those back in their home half.

After allowing only a singleton in the umpire-called last inning, now down 16-3, mumblings of a comeback, Dbacks style, were heard throughout the Admirals dugout.

While it appeared to have FINALLY sparked the Admirals sticks, the 13 run deficit proved to be too much, as the Admirals could only plate 6 before the 3rd out was recorded to make the final a more respectable 16-9.

• Duran: 3 for 3

• Ryan: 1

• Bob: 1

• Sean: 1

• Ryan: 3


Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Final
Dead Last 4 1 8 2 1 X X 16
Admirals 1 1 0 1 6 X X 9
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Posted on: Wednesday August 21st, 2019 at 11:34AM
assignment Admirals Start New Win Streak

The Admirals started a new win streak by narrowly holding off a late sticking Ugly Ducklings squad.

With the sign out sheet filled in black, a broken bodied Mitch being a game time decision and a gimpy BJ nursing a stab wound in his back (sounds better than a"camping injury", no?), the Admirals brass called on the services of spare Bob Peppler for the 2nd time this season to field a team of 10.

The Admirals' sticks were hot out the gates, batting through their order and plating 7 runs in the 1st inning.

In the home half, Mark, who was making his Admirals pitching debut after a 3 year hiatus off the bump, showed pitching is like riding a bike, allowing only 2 runs over the first 6 Duckling batters before getting out of the inning.

After the Admirals again batted through their order in the 2nd, scoring another 5, Mark continued his stellar pitching performance, inducing 12 outs over the following 16 Duckling batters.

A Ducks pitching change in the 3rd proved to be effective, as Righty stymied the Admirals sticks, limiting them to 3 runs the rest of the game.

Going into the bottom of 6, the Ducks were looking up at a 15-4 deficit. Undeterred, the Duckling batters seemed to have figured out the Admirals pitcher, as they sticked in another 4 runs to cut their deficit to a more manageable 7 going into the last inning.

After the Admirals were sat down in order in the top of 7, the Ducks got back to their sticking ways, and before you could say "peanut butter", they had scored 6 and had the tying run at 2nd base with two outs.

Thankfully, for the guys in black anyway, uncle Jay flew out to deep right center that allowed the Admirals to escape with the 15-14 victory.

No time to celebrate, as the Admirals had the defending champs on deck in game 2 of their doubleheader.

• Bob: 3 for 3, BB
• Sean: 3 for 3, BB
• Ryan: 3 for 4, SF

• Duran: 1
• Ryan: 1

• Bob: 1
• Duran: 1

• Sean: 1

• Duran: 3
• Ryan: 3


Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Final
Admirals 7 5 1 1 1 0 0 15
Ugly Ducklings 2 0 2 0 0 4 6 14
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Posted on: Wednesday August 21st, 2019 at 11:18AM
assignment All Good Things Must Come to an End

The Admirals couldn't keep pace with a hot hitting Village Inn squad, as they dropped this 9:15PM Wednesday night game in convincing fashion to snap their 8 game win streak.

With the sign out sheet nearly filled in black for this game, the Admirals brass called on the services of Admirals OGs Graham and DC. With one OG confirmed (Graham) and the late news that Ryan and Aaron were now going to be able to make the game, the Admirals were feeling pretty good about their chances of extending their current win streak.

As any superstitious person will tell you: "You don't talk about the streak while the streak is happening."

Which is exactly what Admirals 3rd baseman poignantly pointed out during post-game bevies!

Yes, it's true, feeling great about our Tuesday night win, I mistakenly pointed out that we had won 8 straight.

The same way I did after we won 4 in a row.

And then again after 6 in a row.

Beatty is right! I feel shame! This one's on me fellas! 😔

Jokes aside, last night was yet another reminder that in slo-pitch, you don't win when you don't hit.

(In a Cliff Clavin voice) Uhhh, it's a little known fact that uhhh, the Village Inn are a savvy veteran team!

Could it be that the Village People know exactly where we hit already?

Or more likely, could it be that Dbacks skip, perhaps still sore from having lost 4 straight to us, shared the Admirals spray charts he's been tracking?

Who knows, but in a game that saw ZERO extra base hits by the guys in black and blue, it seemed like all solidly hit Admirals' balls were hit directly in the vicinity of guys wearing green jerseys.

Whereas the Village Inners, as they're accustomed to doing, kept placing their hits where Admirals were not.

In the end, a distasteful recipe that saw the Admirals' streak come to an end in a 23-9 loss.

...if we can call them that! 🤣

• Alberto: 3 for 3
• Ryan: 3 for 3
• Andrew: 2 for 2
• Mark: 2 for 2




Nobody *

* Need a minimum of 3 to make this list


Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Final
Village Inn 2 8 7 4 2 X X 23
Admirals 2 5 0 0 2 X X 9
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Posted on: Thursday August 15th, 2019 at 11:40AM
assignment Admirals Roll to 8 Straight

The Admirals took care of business in an early Tuesday evening game, coasting to a 26-7 win over the up-and-coming Father Dodgers.

The visiting Dodgers opened the game by batting through their 9-man order, scoring 4 runs.

Before the Admirals could counter, a minor delay ensued because the Dodgers were short:
• a catcher
• a pitching helmet

Despite the umpire's insistence on forcing the Dodgers to play with three outfielders, the Admirals were more insistent on supplying them a catcher (you can't believe everything you hear about us), and so they did. Problem #1 solved!

And while possible, yet unlikely Eskimo Brothers, sharing pitching helmets was a completely different story.

They say every problem has a solution. Well an Admirals supplied pitching mask combined with a Dodgers kid sized pink batting helmet proved to be the solution to this problem. And with problem # 2 now solved, the game was back on!

After sending 10 batters to the plate, the Admirals scored 5 to take a slim 5-4 lead.

In the 2nd, the Admirals held the Dad Avoiding lads to 2 runs and countered by scoring the max-10-run-per-innings.

In the 3rd, the Admirals allowed only a sole run to cross the plate and tacked on another 3 to build their lead to double digits.

After blanking the Dodgers in the 4th, and with the time limit looming, the Admirals plated another 8 runs before the umpire called the game due to time.

With the win, the Admirals current win streak is at 8.

• Darrell: 4 for 4
• Derek: 4 for 4
• Mike: 4 for 4
• Antonio: 2 for 2, 1BB
• Sean: 2 for 2, 1BB
• Duran: 3 for 4
• Morgan: 3 for 4



• Derek: 2
• Alberto: 1
• Duran: 1
• Mike: 1
• Sean: 1

• Derek: 4
• Mike: 4
• Alberto: 3


The most interesting aspect of the evening was omitted in the first draft of this recap...

After the team made its way back up to the parking lot some eagle-eyed Admirals noticed a blond cougar running a girls soccer practice.

As the enthusiastic Antonio went over to introduce himself and give her directions to the beach...

Coach Dunn regaled the team with an interesting story about an encounter with the mystery blonde and the rather rotund male coach.

Apparently there was opportunity for other participants in this rec league encounter, but Mrs. Dunn didn't have the appetite.

After hearing the story, Poutine immediately drove home and registered all his children in soccer.


Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Final
Father Dodgers 4 2 1 0 X X X 7
Admirals 5 10 3 8 X X X 26
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With pre-season currently underway, the 2019 NFL regular season will be here before you know it!

Season starts Thursday September 5th!

This will be my 21st year running NFL pools (how time flies) and I’ll be running both the Point Spread and Survivor pools again this year.

Point Spread Pool ($100 per entry):

Click here to join or to get complete details (including rules and payment instructions).

With a record 204 entries last year, we had the following prize breakdown:
• Weekly Prize = $537.35
• Final – 1st place = $4,275.18
• Final – 2nd place = $2,959.74
• Final – 3rd place = $1,973.16
• Final – 4th place = $1,205.82
• Final – 5th place = $548.10

Survivor Pool ($30 per entry):

Click here to join or to get complete details (including rules and payment instructions).

With a record shattering 453 entries last year, the pot was a whopping $13,560!

You can play in one or both pools, with as many entries as you'd like for the Point Spread pool, but up to a maximum of 10 entries per person in the Survivor Pool.

Payment instructions are included in the links provided!

Feel free to forward this invite (link) to anyone who may be interested:

More people, bigger prizes!!

Thanks, Sean (Dunner)

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chat_bubble CF Tournament

Before we get into the tournament recap, let’s acknowledge everyone who participated/contributed throughout the weekend to this worthy cause. This disease hits close to home as both Avery (daughter of Gord from the Diamondbacks) and Mac (son of Marty, an Admirals OG) are afflicted with CF. As Marty stated on Sunday afternoon, because of the fundraising efforts by people like Bob & Gord, CF research has made tremendous strides in the past decade and hopefully we will see a cure for this disease in our lifetime.

Earlier this summer, the Admirals inquired about this tournament and during their discussions with members of the Diamondbacks a wager was placed. If the Admirals and the Diamondback were to meet in the finals, each team would put up a case of beer. The Admirals never turn down an opportunity to drink free beer, so the wager was eagerly entered into.

With the tournament being on the August long weekend, the Admirals were unable to secure enough of their regular players to field a team, so they reached out to other players who might be interested. In the end, the Admirals supplemented their team with 3 call ups:
• Jason (friend of Ryan)
• Jon (teammate of Jomo from the Whitby league)
• JP (friend of Jomo, CF tournament OG, former CF tournament MVP from the early 2000's):

Game 1 on Saturday morning had the Admirals facing off against Rotten to the Core. When the Admirals jumped out to an early 7 run lead, they started to believe their opponents were true to their name. Except this is Slo-Pitch and a 7 run lead is never secure. The Admirals quickly learned that in Slo-Pitch, if you do not hit, it makes it extremely difficult to win. End result of game 1 was an early morning loss by the Admirals.

Between game 1 & 2, the good guys retreated to the parking lot and decided to consume a couple breakfast brews to take the edge off, or in the case of Mitch, to maintain his blood alcohol level from the previous 30 hours of no sleep.

Game 2 had the Admirals facing the Beer Buddies on the hardball diamond where the centerfield fence is 400 feet deep. Needless to say, no one from either team went yard in game 2. Once again, the Admirals were first to act and took an early 8 run lead. Resigned not to repeat the same mistake from game 1, the Admirals were determined to not let this lead slip away from them. Except that’s exactly what they did when the Beer Buddies plated runs in almost every subsequent inning and once again the Admirals decided to smack fly balls directly at their outfielders. For the second time in as many games, the Admirals snatched defeat from the grasps of victory.

Back in the parking lot, the Admirals came to the realisation that with 5 men’s teams entered into the tournament and only 4 teams advance to Sunday, they need to win at least 1 of their last two games to advance. Things were looking a bit bleak at this point as Mike “Poutine” Labrecque was not available to play in the two afternoon games on Saturday as he had to attend a wedding. In addition, game 3 was against the Diamondbacks who were very motivated to put a beating on the Admirals and regardless of the score of our game, they would not be going station to station on us. The Admirals knew that the Diamondbacks were the best men’s team they would face this weekend and with the two losses in the morning, there wasn’t a lot of confidence going into that game. On top of that, Mitch had other concerns at this point of the day. He was extremely concerned that there would not be enough beer remaining for the rest of the day. He continually offered to call his lady friend to encourage her to make a beer run on behalf of the team. Mitch’s concern was not shared by the rest of the team as at that time, this is what the Admirals beer cooler looked like:

Now I don't know if the absence Mike caused the Diamondbacks Wives Club to be less enthusiastic than usual or if the Admirals simply like the DBacks’ pitching or if the constant yipping from Mitch prevented the DBacks from getting into a groove, but the Admirals came alive in this game and put up enough runs to end the game early with a mercy victory over their frenemies.

With no break between games 3 and 4, the Admirals were right back at it against the Sons of Pitches. The Admirals’ bats stayed hot from the previous game and this game was never in doubt as the Admirals put up enough runs for their second mercy victory in a row.

With a 2-2 record to end the day, the Admirals had secured a spot in the Semi finals on Sunday morning. The team retreated back to the parking lot to rehydrate using the remaining cans of Coors Light and planned to regroup back on the fields at 11am Sunday.

Sunday morning, the Admirals learned that they had finished 3rd in the men’s pool and would face Rotten to the Core in their semi finals matchup, while the DBacks would face off against the Beer Buddies in the other semi finals matchup. The Admirals bench was a bit deeper for the semi finals as Marty "Close Only Counts in Horseshoes, Hand Grenades and Throws to him at First" Robertson was able to join us. And as an added bonus, his son Mac also joined us on the field. If you look at the post game stats, many say that Mac was a better pickup that Marty, especially when comparing batting average and on base percentage, but I digress… This game went back and forth for a few innings until the Admirals had their breakout inning and blew the game open. They were able to plate enough runs to end the semi finals game early with their 3rd mercy victory in a row.

With this victory, the Admirals had done their part to ensure the beer wager remained in place for the championship game, however the other semi finals game was still in progress. The DBacks started the bottom of the last inning trailing the Beer Buddies and loaded the bases with the winning run on 3rd and Jamie at the plate. As expected, Jamie hit a shot to left field driving in the winning run to ensure an Admirals vs DBacks championship game.

With a 90 minute break between the semis and finals, the Admirals once again retreated to the parking lot to increase their fluid intake and ensuring they were adequately hydrated for the championship game.

It was now time for the last game of the weekend. It was a win and drink all day in the parking lot or lose and give your ice cold beer away type game. The DBacks came into this game motivated as they had faced the Admirals three times in the past week and had yet to come away victorious. And to add insult to injury, Mike donned a long haired wig and tantalized the DBacks wives club with his flowing locks.
The Admirals held a very small lead through the first few innings and both teams knew that this game could be blown open at any time. Fortunately it was the Admirals who broke open the game with a 17 run inning to take a commanding lead. Facing their 4th mercy victory in a row, the umpires appealed to the DBacks to lay their bats down and call it a day. But the DBacks aren't a team that quits and decided to play all seven innings. The Dbacks took their final at bats in the bottom of the 7th, trailing by 20 runs.

Now some say Jomo was exhausted from being a courtesy runner for just about every Admiral throughout the game, some say Jomo felt sorry with the DBacks after losing to the Admirals three straight times in the past week, some say they have no idea what Jomo was doing out in left field during the bottom of the 7th... But Jomo proceeded to miss/drop the only two fly balls all weekend which allowed the DBacks to bat around and plate 9 runs to make the final score much closer. During the bottom of the 7th, a lot of the Admirals were scared that they were about to fall victim to a miracle come from behind victory similar to what they did to the DBacks a week ago.

Fortunately the Admirals pulled their shit together and secured the win and the tournament championship.

With that victory, the Admirals pulled off the four game sweep of the DBacks, and had enough beer to last for a while (almost to 9pm that night). One last time the Admirals retreated back to the parking lot to enjoy the spoils of their victory: an MVP award for Ryan, SPO windbreakers, medals, case of beer and best of all, the look on Jamie’s face when he had to deliver the beer.

A great time was had by all and the Admirals closed down the parking lot by 9pm that evening. Newly formed BFF's Mitch and Carlton departed a bit early as they had to attend a Mensa meeting that evening:

Tournament Highlights:
• Ryan wins the JP Hornbrook OG MVP award, named after our ace pitcher who won this same award 13 years ago.

• Home Runs hit by the following Admirals: Jason, Derek, Ryan X2
• Marty & Mac coming out to join us in the semis, Marty explaining how important this event is to the CF fight, only to bail on us before the championship game.
• Mike showing up on Sunday clean shaven. Was it because of the wedding from the night before or was he trying to charm the DBacks Wives Club???
• 152 beers (including the sweet, sweet 24 beers we won from the DBacks), plus some Whiskey from Ryan was consumed over the weekend.
• Mike’s negative influence got Sean craving that sweet nicotine by Sunday.
• Lu coming out for one game on Saturday only to walk to the plate, crush balls deep and sit back down while someone else ran for him.
• Great comradery between the DBacks & the Admirals:

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chat_bubble Tonight's Games: Canceled

August 7th games are canceled!

Message from the Town:

Please be advised that ALL baseball fields are CLOSED Wednesday, August 7th 2019 due to field conditions

Games will be rescheduled at some point.

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Posted on: Wednesday August 7th, 2019 at 2:56PM