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Wednesday, June 30th

Time: 8:00PM
Opponent: vs. Banana Slugs
at Banana Slugs
Diamond: Clarington Fields - NE
Water Boy: Nobody

Armed with only ASA approved bats and their unimposing ability to hit home runs on kids ball parks, a band of men have roamed the Slo-Pitch world in search of the biggest trophies, the finest booze, and the loosest ladies (and moms).

With their sights set on all the treasure that Clarington has to offer, this band of men formed a team called the Admirals and plotted a new course. They left the T-ball fields of the WMSPL and sailed east for the bountiful fields of the Clarington Slo-Pitch league, picking up some shipmates along the way.

With the dawn of the 2021 CSP season, the Admirals are eager to get back to the diamonds, even if their play is again governed by social distancing rules and guidelines.

The Admirals are guided by few principles but have a short list of core rules that govern the crew:

  • Ye shall be ridiculed for striking out, swinging or looking
  • Ye shall always run out a fly-ball
  • Ye shall walk the plank after stranding a runner at 3rd with less than 2 outs
  • Ye shall never make eye contact with another Admiral after hitting into a double play
  • Ye shall battle hard, but always maintain good sportsmanship
  • Ye shall splice the mainbrace after all battles
  • Ye shall never insult those in ugly uniforms; uniforms are meant to be fun
  • Ye shall encourage gambling, as gambling makes slo-pitch 1000% more fun

Come out and catch all the action the 2021 season has to offer, particularly the DBacks Wives Club swooning over their favourite CSP player: Mike McDreamy! 😍

Admirals News

notification_important Updates from April 11th League Meeting

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Posted on: Wednesday April 14th, 2021 at 10:05AM
notification_important Admirals 2021

CSP has provided their return to play guidelines, and I've been asked to provide our $200 deposit to secure our spot, which I will be doing shortly.

From an IM exchange with Jamie, sounds like the league is trying to get a full season in. With the current COVID restrictions, we'll likely be starting off in a 4 team bubble and the 13-man roster limit we had last year, with expectations of expansion once said restrictions are eased/lifted.

Seeing Jamie has been staring at the DBacks' 2021 motivational poster all off-season, he is praying 🙏 we'll be in the same bubble!

He also secretly admitted he kinda misses McDreamy! 😱

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Posted on: Friday March 26th, 2021 at 6:22PM